Hawker Tempest Mk. V prototype HM595.

I forgot how windy it is.
I’ll probably die walking home, awk well.

awhodareswinsfan asked:
Is your birthday today?

Nah the 25th aha :’)

Gonna sleep my birthday away, family will be pissed.

Sat on my tod so why not.

Oldie but goodie: Norwegian NORNAVSOC / MJK operators during a hostage rescue exercise, Northern Norway, 2012.

Vault of Glass on hard, done.

Dead Kennedys Kill The Poor
Dead Kennedys
Kill The Poor

"Jobless millions whisked away 
At last we have more room to play 
All systems go to kill the poor tonight” 


A young soldier of the Royal Scots Regiment holding a black goat kid. As the French farmers were forced to flee their homes many animals were inevitably abandoned. Some undoubtedly ended up in the cooking pot, but others like this kid seem to have been adopted as good luck mascots.
The Royal Scots raised 35 battalions during World War I, of which 15 were on overseas service. The Regiment not only served in the Western Front, but also in the Dardanelles, Macedonia, Egypt and Northern Russia.

RAF Regiment gunners with the Royal Air Force Reserves are pictured on exercise in Bardufoss, Norway. During the training exercise known as Arctic Kite, personnel from 606 (Chiltern) Squadron along with 2623 (East Anglian) Squadron, No 28 (AC) Squadron equipped with Merlin helicopters from RAF Benson and 244 Signal Squadron from the British Army undertook a variety of missions.
As part of the RAF Reserves annual continuation training, 606 (Chiltern) Squadron have deployed along with personnel from both the British Army and Royal Navy to Bardufoss, Norway; the Royal Norwegian Air Force Base (RNoAF) famous for its Royal Navy Commando Helicopter Force training cadre (known as Clockwork) conducting Mountain and Cold Weather training for air and ground crews, 200 miles inside the Arctic Circle. The British personnel are due to be in Norway for approximately two weeks conducting training to test deployed field skills within a realistic austere environment, achieve and support joint evaluation training in a temperate location and promote further opportunities for both existing and potential reserves.

The Royal Navy Trafalgar-class submarine HMS Torbay (S90) underway in formation with the George H.W. Bush Carrier Strike Group and other NATO ships during the U.K.-sponsored joint exercise Saxon Warrior 11.